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The Gripe was started in the dark ages before the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series.  It was a dreary time in Boston.  A time of pessemism, hunger, irrational behavior and frustration.  But then, what a decade!  The glorious 2004 World Series win, three Patriot Super Bowls, Celtics championship # 17, ANOTHER Sox win in 2007 and a return from hibernation from the Bruins. 


During this time of sunshine, rainbows and happiness The Gripe took a sabatical to celebrate, recuperate and appreciate the 2004 victory. You can’t have griping when the teams are kicking butt every year, can you?  It was a rare collision of the planets and a time in which us Boston fans got very, VERY spoiled.

But now, with a 2009 Yankees World Series win, the Pats suffering a shocking playoff defeat and the B’s and C’s just doing “OK” the dark clouds are starting to form once again.  Could we be heading back to normal?  You can tell by the tone of local sports fans.  The griping is back.  Only fitting then, The Gripe is back too.

Here you will find a collection of obvious and not-so-obvious observations, pious pontificating, smart-ass commentary, bar stool musing, the occasional word of wisdom and screams of frustration mostly about, but not limited to, Boston sports, the Red Sox, Bruins, hockey, baseball, music, life….whatever. 

A couple of tips to maximize your viewing enjoyment:

  • Approach this site like you would a conversation in a pub with a friend.  Sometime your friend knows what he’s talking about.  Sometimes he’s talking out of his…you know.
  • Comments always welcomed.  Please be respectful you New Yorkers.  I know this is hard for you.
  • Don’t take anything here seriously.  We’re talking about games, right?
  • If you provide your email in the RSS feed section you’ll get an email when there are updates.  Everyone needs more emails…
  • If you click on the headline of each article a window will pop open with a full page view which you may find easier to read than the column format. You can print the article from this screen by clicking on the printer icon in the top / middle of the screen.
  • Check out the Archives for a few “vintage” remnants from the old Gripe.

Enjoy and Cheers!

Derek O’Grady


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